Members of the 'Russian Volunteer Corps' and 'Freedom of Russia Legion' hold a meeting with the media not far from the Ukraine-Russia border in Kharkiv's area, northeastern Ukraine, 24 May 2023, amid the Russian invasion. According to the group of Russian fighters, who are aligned with Ukraine, during a meeting with the press on 24 May, they engaged in cross-border raids on the territory of the Belgorod region of Russia starting on 22 May 2023. Ukraine has denied Russia's allegation that it was behind the attacks on the Belgorod region and portrayed the incursions by the Russian volunteers as an uprising against the Kremlin and Putin's regime EPA-EFE/SERGEY KOZLOV


Polish government denies links to volunteer corps alleged to have fought in Belgorod


The so-called Polish Volunteer Corps, a group acting on behalf of Ukraine, is alleged to have participated in a raid into the Russian border region of Belgorod undertaken by Russian partisans. Poland’s government has categorically denied it has any involvement with the group.

A Polish government information security spokesman on Sunday published a post online repudiating any links between Poland’s military and the Polish Volunteer Corps. “The Polish Volunteer Corps described in the media is in no way associated with the Polish Armed Forces or any Polish institution. The activities of Polish volunteers supporting Ukraine in the fight against Russia should not be identified with the authorities of Poland,” the spokesman said.

He was responding to claims from the Polish Volunteer Corps that its members had participated in the attack on the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. In a social media post on Sunday, individuals claiming to be part of the Polish Volunteer Corps said they took part in the action in Russia. “Everyone is asking us whether we participated in the operation in the Belgorod region. The answer is: of course we did,” the post read.

According to the claims, corps members engaged in the battle alongside anti-Putin partisans stationed in Ukraine and supporting the Ukrainian army against the invading Russian forces.

However, the Russian Volunteer Corps issued a statement in which it denied that the Poles were involved in the action in Belgorod. It confirmed that the two volunteer forces have been engaged in Ukraine but said with regards to the fighting in Belgorod, the Polish volunteers remained on Ukrainian territory and were only involved in escorting prisoners plus helping with logistical and medical support.