Opposition leader Keir Starmer believes the future of the UK is outside the EU. Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images


UK opposition declares future of country is outside EU


The leader of the UK opposition Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, will hope to have finally killed off so-called Remainer dreams of a Brexit turnaround, or “Reversit”, if he wins power after declaring today that “Britain’s future is outside the EU”.

He confirmed that, if elected to lead Parliament, Labour would not seek to re-join the European Union, which the majority of Britons who voted on the matter chose to leave seven years ago. His affirmation comes despite a groundswell of “Bregret” and a recent poll showing that 86 per cent of 18 to 25-year-olds would vote to re-enter the EU fold were another referendum on membership to be held.

“Britain’s future is outside the EU,” the Labour leader said. “Not in the single market, not in the customs union, not with a return to freedom of movement. Those arguments are in the past, where they belong.”

Apparently aligning himself with notorious pro-Brexiteer Nigel Farage, who recently lamented that “Brexit has failed”, Sir Keir added: “There is no point pretending everything is working fine. The paper-thin Tory deal has stifled Britain’s potential and hugely weighted trade terms towards the EU. Every day it isn’t built upon, our European friends and competitors aren’t just eating our lunch – they’re nicking our dinner money as well.”

“Whether it is working with European neighbours to tackle criminal gangs and stop dangerous boat-crossings, or driving down the price of food for hard-pressed British families, there is huge potential for change. That’s why we should be optimistic.”

Appealing to Brexiteers disgruntled with what many feel is a high tax burden, record immigration levels and an NHS in crisis, Sir Keir told right-leaning British national newspaper the Daily Express: “Every one of the problems I have outlined can be fixed from outside the EU. But it will require hard work, good relations and – above all – honesty. Pretending everything is going fine or ducking hard conversations will see Britain miss opportunities and slip behind our competitors.”

Pledging to help make Brexit work, Sir Keir – who defended his own vote to remain in the EU as “no great secret” – agreed with Leave supporters who wanted “a better health service, better jobs, better wages, more security, a sense of control over their lives and their communities, In short: a chance to build a better Britain”.

“If we are to make Brexit work, we need a government with the vision and the focus to deliver it,” he said.

Latest polls show Labour enjoying 44 per cent of the voting public’s approval, a 16 point lead over current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives on 28 per cent.