Robert Habeck, Germany's Green party minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, has accused climate radicals of doing "massive damage" to the environmentalist cause. (EPA-EFE/CLEMENS BILAN)


Extremists doing ‘massive damage to green cause’, German minister says


Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and Green Party member Robert Habeck has accused climate radicals of doing “massive damage” to the environmentalist cause.

His comments came shortly after members of the extremist “Last Generation” group managed to block the runways of two major German airports in protest at the government “breaking the law” over the “climate crisis”.

Speaking to the German press outlet dpa, Habeck condemned the blockades, claiming that such actions by the climate radicals would only alienate ordinary voters from the ‘green’ cause.

“The activists, who are now blocking people from going on vacation, are massively damaging the issue of climate protection,” he said.

“Anyone who really wants to campaign for climate protection must keep an eye on social acceptance,” Habeck added. “And that’s how we should approach climate protection.”

“Public acceptance” has not been Last Generation’s modus operandi, it seems, with the organisation frequently taking action that has been unpopular with the public, such as blocking major roadways and vandalising a famous Christmas tree in Berlin.

Popularity has not been the strong suit of Habeck’s Green Party, either, with its support collapsing in the polls amid efforts to force through costly energy reforms for the sake of the environment.

The party has seen its share of the electorate fall from 23 per cent in 2022 to just 14 per cent this year while those on the Right storm ahead.

Green-critical right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) has seen strong growth in the polls, with surveys indicating it has overtaken every coalition member of Germany’s Government.

It is now the second-most popular party in the country, sitting only a few points behind the centre-right Christian Democrats.