Brian Molko of Placebo performs in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images)


Italian PM sues Placebo rocker for allegedly calling her a ‘racist, fascist piece of sh*t’


Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is suing British rock-band Placebo’s lead-singer Brian Molko for defamation after he allegedly insulted her during a concert in Turin, Italian press has reported.

On July 11, Molko, the frontman of the “alternative rock” outfit, allegedly started a vicious rant against the Conservative Meloni, the first female Prime Minister of Italy. Molko allegedly insulted the Italian leader by calling her a “racist, fascist piece of sh*t”.

The Fratelli d’Italia PM has taken to the courts after prosecutors in Turin had already opened an investigation for contempt. That was launched on the basis of a report sent to the Palace of Justice by the Italian police.

It is thought the singer launched his alleged verbal attack because Meloni is seen as anti-LGBTQI+ by the Left.


Earlier on the night of the concert in question, Molko asked the audience to keep their phones switched off to better enjoy the show, leading some suspect that he had planned his alleged tirade. Despite his demands, a few concertgoers did film him and videos of the incident went viral on social media.

In Italy, a fine of up to €5,000 can be imposed on individuals who publicly defame the Republic, which includes the government, parliament, the courts and the army.

Placebo and its lead singer are gay-rights activists.

During a recent concert in Morocco, bassist Stefan Olsdal, who is openly gay, appeared shirtless with the number 489 crossed out on his torso. That was seen as a protest against Article 489 of the Moroccan Criminal Code, which punishes same-sex relationships with imprisonment. Olsdal also used a rainbow guitar on stage, the rainbow being a well-known LGBTQI+ symbol.

The band has throughout its career explored ideas of androgyny, including Molko, who is regularly seen dressed as a woman. Progressive circles describe the singer as an LGBTQI+ icon. Among their songs is Nancy Boy about sexual fluidity and promiscuity.

Meloni has received verbal abuse from others of a similar opinion and had already filed a number of defamation lawsuits.

Roberto Saviano, journalist and author of Gomorra – an investigative work into the operations of crime group the Camorra – allegedly called Meloni a “bastard” over her opposition to transporting migrants via NGO ships to Italy. That trial has been adjourned until October.