French rapper Médine has been accused of antisemitism over recent statements. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/Getty Images)


Rapper’s invitation to French Greens’ convention fuels storm over anti-Semitism


Controversial rapper Médine’s invitation to the upcoming French Greens party’s summer convention has ignited fierce debate within the nation’s left-wing circles.

As the Greens’ event on August 24 and others of hard-left La France Insoumise draw near, tensions are rising and prominent figures are taking sides.

Médine, whose past remarks have been criticised for being anti-Semitic, is accused of remaining unapologetic despite the accusations.

In a recent interview with Paris Normandie and Le Parisien, he admitted to making a “mistake” with a tweet targeting essayist Rachel Khan.

The tweet, referring to Khan as “resKhanpée,” sparked outrage given her Jewish heritage and Holocaust survivor lineage. The “joke” played on the French term rescapés, which refers to Holocaust deportees and survivors.

While he expressed regret, Médine condemned the ensuing “excessive media coverage” and called it a political ploy to divert attention from pressing issues.

The decision by Édouard Philippe, who is a former French prime minister and the current Mayor of Le Havre, where the Greens’ convention is being held, to cancel his attendance has further escalated the controversy.

Bordeaux’s Mayor Pierre Hurmic and Strasbourg’s Mayor Jeanne Barseghian have also declined their invitations to the event, underscoring the schisms.

The inclusion of the rapper, who is from Le Havre, has also caused waves within left-wing populist party La France Insoumise.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the party’s firebrand leader, defended Médine, insisting that he “is not racist”. His assertion was a direct response to critics who argue that Médine’s past comments have exhibited anti-Semitism.

The defence of the singer highlights the deep-rooted differences within the left-wing landscape. Mélenchon went further and claimed concerned Greens were being “submissive” to mainstream media and political pressure.

Médine’s impending presence has been decried by numerous politicians and commentators as detrimental to social discourse around progressive values.

Critics argue that the rapper’s history of inflammatory comments taints the credibility of the political platforms hosting him. Even among those who defend his invitation, questions linger regarding the responsibility of political parties in curating inclusive and respectful dialogues.

Despite the heated debate, the rapper remains steadfast in his determination to participate at the Greens’ function and said he plans to engage in discussions and debates, despite calls for his invitation to be revoked.

The problem of anti-Semitism appears to be a recurrent theme within the Left and perhaps surprisingly, within the Greens.

Recently, the radical climate-activist group Last Generation saw a significant split over statements by the leadership that “relativised”, or lessened the importance of, the Holocaust.