Member of the European Parliament Silvia Sardone attends a panel at IBM Studios on June 06, 2023 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images)


Italian MEP receives death threats over anti-Islamic headscarves T-shirt


Italian MEP Silvia Sardone is reportedly receiving death threats after she recently wore a T-shirt in the European Parliament that read, “No to the Islamic Veil”.

Sardone has published some of the vile messages sent to her on social media.

These included: “I’ll cut your throat”, “I’ll stab you”, “die”, and “you’re worth burning”, “I’ll kill you”, “I’d suffocate you”, “explode”. Other hateful posts included: “I’ll break your face”, “it ends badly for you”, “you disgusting b*tch you have to die”.

There were also a number of messages aimed at her children, with some posters saying they would “catch them”.

Another sent to her read: “You will become Muslims like us, or there will be no place for you.” The Arabic phrase “Allahu Akbar” was also used often.

Asked if Sardone now required extra protection, European Parliament officials told Brussels Signal they do not comment on security measures.

If requested, security services of the Parliament can assist MEPs and can support them in their contact with legal or national authorities.

Sardone has been in the sights of enraged radical Islamists since she wore the controversial T-shirt in the plenary of the Parliament in Strasbourg last week.

She lambasted the “pretend” support from Europe for women in Iran while at the same time, the veil or hijab is being hailed as a positive symbol in advertisements by European institutions. In her view, the European Union is “submitting to Islam by considering hijabs are instruments of integration and diversity while it oppresses women”.

The Lega politician has been a vocal critic of Islamism. She has been fighting against the spread of illegal mosques and against headscarves for women.

This has made her the target of verbal attacks for a while but since wearing the T-shirt in Strasbourg, the tone has become more hostile.

She remains defiant, saying she will not change her mind. “I will not bend, I will not take steps back, I will not stay silent, I AM NOT AFRAID!

“I want to be clear,” Sardone said, “I will continue to express my ideas and opinions in Italy and in the institutions where I am elected, with my head held high and without fear.

“I will continue to say that the European Union should not promote the Islamic veil in its communications as a tool of freedom and integration because I consider it instead a tool of subjugation for women.

“I will continue to fight for the many women who want to be free and not oppressed for religious reasons. I will continue to denounce the increasing Islamisation of Europe, the spread of Muslim ghettos, and Islamic courts that want to impose Sharia law,” she added.

“I will continue to point out the worrying backwardness of our identity and culture.”