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Montenegro’s ‘Laziest Citizen’ contestants put record to bed


Contestants are surpassing all expectations in Montenegro’s annual “Laziest Citizen” contest. The previous record, five days in bed, has now been well surpassed, as the contestants have remained  horizontal for more 30 days.

The competition takes place in Brezna, a picturesque resort town in the north of the small Balkan country.

The rules of the game are simple; contestants must remain lying down in bed for as long as possible. They are brought three meals a day and given a 15-minute bathroom break every eight hours.

Any standing – or even sitting up – results in immediate disqualification.

The prize is not to be sniffed at, coming in at €1,000.

The latest long lie-in has amazed locals especially as at the time of writing it was still ongoing. Mićo Blagojević, the resort owner who founded the contest, told Serbian outlet Blic: “This is truly unprecedented. All records were broken a long time ago.

“No one wants to give up now, this is much more than a lying down competition, this is a true psychological game.”

Blagojević had launched the competition some 12 years ago as a satire of an old stereotype about Montenegrins being lazy. In the ethnic melting pot of the Balkans and former Yugoslavia, every group has its stereotype and numerous jokes about them.

“Everything started in order to make a joke about those prejudices that Montenegrins are lazy and like to lie down, and here it is now a competition that the whole world is talking about” said Blagojević.

According to the latest reports, out of total of 21 competitors who began, five now remain – three women and two men.

“There are numerous anecdotes this year that will be retold for a long time”, said Blagojević. “One girl’s father bought her a new car, and brought it to the resort entrance so that she would get up and see it and leave the competition but she still said that it should wait.

“I guess fuel has become more expensive, so it’s better to let it sit there,” he added jokingly.

Despite the stereotype that the Montenegrins who are lazy, a Serbian is slated to win the current competition.

The favourite, called Jovan Crnčanin, 21, said that he had “no particular strategy” in attempting to secure a victory.

“I try to fill my time with things that please me: sports broadcasts, music, movies, books … It’s not easy”, he said.

“Physically there are no major difficulties … but psychologically it is a big battle with oneself,” he added.

Jovan also said that the length of time the latest contest has been going was surprising. “We all agreed among ourselves that we would never have dreamed of coming if we had known that it would take so long.”

Blagojević seemed bemused by the idea that a Serb might beat the Montenegrins at their own game.

“It would perhaps be absurd if he wins, if he takes the title that belonged to the Montenegrins until now,” he said with a laugh.