The European Commission has refused to comment on the activities of road-blocking climate radicals in Germany (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)


Not our job to deal with road-blocking climate radicals, Commission says


The European Commission has refused to comment on the activities of road-blocking climate radicals in Germany, saying that it is not their job to take action against such extremist groups.

Commissioners were writing in response to a question submitted by ID Group MEP Christine Anderson, who asked the body if it had a view on labelling the radical ‘Last Generation’ group as a terrorist org, and whether the group should face economic sanctions.

Responding on behalf of the Commission, EU home affairs tsar Ylva Johansson refused to take any stance on whether to designate the Last Generation as a terrorist organisation, insisting it was not the body’s job to do so.

“It is not for the Commission to take a view on the qualification of the group ‘Last Generation’ as a terrorist group,” she wrote.

“Under the EU common foreign and security policy, Member States are responsible for designating an individual, group or entity as terrorist.”

Johansson made a similar claim regarding the imposition of financial sanctions against the group, saying that while EU law does cover the imposition of such penalties, enforcement of such penalties was again a matter for individual EU states.

“In accordance with Articles 17 and 18 of that Directive, Member States are required to ensure that legal persons can be held liable and be punished for committing any of the offences found in that Directive,” she said.

“However, it is up to Member States’ courts to decide on the sanctions for legal persons in individual cases.”

The Commission’s hand-wringing response comes amid yet more protests from the German climate activist organisation.

Writing on its official social media page on October 24, Letzte Generation announced that it was once again actively blocking Berlin’s A100 autobahn, with additional road blockages planned for over the weekend.

With the group having repeatedly been accused of endangering lives with the demonstrations, Germany’s police union have once again called for the group to be designated as a criminal organisation.

“The members of this criminal organization are proving again today that they do not care at all about the security situation in the capital,” group spokesman Benjamin Jendro said.

“These circus events tie up an incredible amount of police personnel… even the last generation should realize that these crimes can no longer attract many comrades-in-arms.”

Similar activities have also been taking place in the UK and the Netherlands, with climate radicals in the latter nation said to also be planning protests for this weekend.