French Member of the European Parliament (The Left group in the European Parliament - GUE/NGL - La France Insoumise) Anne-Sophie Pelletier is listening during a session of the Committee of Inquiry to investigate the use of Pegasus and equivalent surveillance spyware of the European Parliament on September 8, 2022. (Photo by Thierry Monasse/Getty Images)


French MEP Pelletier expelled from LFI group over alleged ‘aggressive harassment’ of assistants


La France Insoumise’s (LFI) MEPs delegation has expelled member MEP Anne-Sophie Pelletier over allegations of “harassing, inappropriate and aggressive behaviour”.

French newspaper Le Figaro reported that Pettelier is accused of having acted inappropriately towards 13 parliamentary assistants since 2019.

The 13 assistants apparently complained about “deteriorating working conditions and intimidating, inappropriate and aggressive behaviour towards them by Anne-Sophie Pelletier”.

On December 4, the LFI MEP group announced: “In this context, we have therefore decided to exclude Anne-Sophie Pelletier from our delegation.”

Her alleged actions were considered “incompatible with the values” of the group, they added.

Pettelier is not the only politician to have issues at LFI. Raquel Garrido, a national MP, was recently sanctioned by the party.

Although she was not kicked out, she was forbidden from being an “orator on behalf of the group in parliamentary proceedings” for four months.

She had been accused of “spreading false information in the press” and “denigrating and humiliating staff” in the French Assembly.

Garrido claimed she was sanctioned because she had complained about “the way La France Insoumise has been run for a year”.

Adrien Quatennens, a “right-hand man” of party leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, was also suspended from the LFI group in the Assembly for four months.

That came after he was given a four-month suspended prison sentence in December 2022 for subjecting his ex-girlfriend to violent attacks.

On December 1, the LFI’s Ugo Bernalicis had a physical altercation in the French Parliament during a debate. That has led to some to call for his suspension from Parliament.