Not only minorities are victims: Violence is violence, even if those attacked are Right-wing and white

Police patrol the Gedempte Zuiderdiep street, where party leader Thierry Baudet of Forum for Democracy was attacked in a cafe. EPA-EFE/VENEMA MEDIA


In a surge of violent attacks, conservative and far-Right politicians are being targeted by extremists all around Europe. The trend is becoming worrying.

At the same time, crimes and assaults against ethnic Europeans are also becoming commonplace. Yet most mainstream media and political elites downplay such incidents, while governments crack down on reactions against them.

The pattern is there: As the Right is on the rise, self-proclaimed democrats, leftists and antifa are finding it hard to swallow that failed systemic policies are pushing voters to conservative and nationalist options. So extreme-Left violence is once again on the menu.

A few days before the elections that brought Geert Wilders to power, Thierry Baudet, leader of the Forum for Democracy party (FVD), was struck on the head by an assailant wielding a beer bottle in the Dutch city of Groningen. Last month, Baudet was hit again on the head with an umbrella at an event in Ghent, Belgium.

Α few weeks ago an assassination attempt shocked Spain. Former head of the centre-right People’s Party (PP) in Catalonia, co-founder of Vox party and ex-European Parliament vice-president, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, was shot in the face in Madrid by a gunman on a motorbike. He survived by miracle as the bullet went through his jaw.

About a month ago in Germany the co-president of Alternative for Germany (AfD), Tino Chrupalla, was admitted to a hospital in Ingolstadt following an alleged assault during a rally.

In September, the party’s co-chair Alice Weidel and her family had been evacuated from their apartment in Switzerland because of indications of a planned attack on them. In late August Andreas Jurca, an AfD candidate in Bavaria, was brutally assaulted at a campaign event.

And the list goes on.

At the same time, indiscriminate violence against ethnic Europeans is also turning into a disturbing phenomenon – one that mainstream media seldom takes seriously, but rather addresses as a series of seemingly separate incidents.

Yet another attack took place in France last weekend. One man, a tourist from Germany, was murdered in cold blood while two others, one French and one British, were wounded in central Paris, near the Eiffel tower. The attacker, who shouted “Allahu Akbar”, declared allegiance to the Islamic State.

Last week’s indiscriminate stabbing attack against children at an all-Irish, Catholic school in downtown Dublin by a Muslim naturalised immigrant, who mainstream media insisted on calling an Irishman, led to violent demonstrations all over Ireland.

The Irish police called demonstrators a “far-Right mob”. An “Irish lives matter” graffiti was treated by Northern Ireland authorities as a “hate incident”.

The attack came just a few days after the murder of a 16-year old following a mob attack at the village hall of Crépol, France, which sent another eight to hospital.

“We are here to stab white people”, one of the attackers, dressed in overalls and trainers, allegedly shouted, according to Le Dauphiné Libéré newspaper.

“Anti-white racism is hitting our countryside,” tweeted Marion Marechal, leading candidate for Eric Zemmour’s Reconquete! party in the 2024 European elections.

In its turn, the Crépol attack came a few weeks after a Chechen, who was under surveillance by the French security services, stabbed a teacher to death at his former high school and critically wounded two other people in Arras, northern France. But it is not only France, where things are getting out of control.

In Greece, a Syrian refugee who was arrested on November 22 for a series of sexual assaults on ethnic Greek girls in the centre of Athens told the police: “Yes, I have done this all, and once I am out of jail, I will do the same again, picking the same victims.”

Interestingly enough, the – predominatly Leftist – feminist movement is as silent about the rapes of women in Europe by Muslim immigrants, as it has been about the brutal Hamas raping spree during the October 7 attacks on Israel.

But why the media silence? To a great extent, it is an aggressive indoctrination coming from the Left and adopted by a spineless centre-Right, that one should blame.

Namely, some in academia and the media seem to believe that attacking ethnic Europeans and “fascists”, as they call pretty much everyone on the political Right, is more or less ok.

Europeans, like Americans before them, are being told that there can be no such thing as racism against caucasians and that one is morally justified to be violent against the Right. The EU has even passed special legislation to crack down on what it considers as “hate speech” online. Still, European people do not appear to agree.

Big demonstrations by conservatives and nationalists in Ireland, Spain, Poland, Italy, France and Greece, polls showing Marine le Pen in the lead ahead of the European Parliament elections, upset election wins like the one of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands – everything shows that the tide is turning.

Some may think otherwise, but Europe is a majority ethnic European continent, where ethnic European lives still matter. And the lives of those who believe that they matter, matter too.

Konstantinos Bogdanos served as a member of the Greek parliament from 2019 to 2023