If you want to understand what is happening in the United States, be sure not to read The Guardian or Sidney Blumenthal

Sidney Blumenthal, former advisor to President Bill Clinton, leaves a news conference during a break from Clinton's Senate Impeachment Trial in 1999 (Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)


It is with sadness and guilt bordering on shame that for the third consecutive week, my entire career as a contributor to this outlet, I must inflict upon readers another expose of the penchant of the European political media to seek, ingest, and plunge into a total-body immersion in almost completely false and polemical accounts of American political personalities and events.

Most readers will be aware that Britain’s Guardian newspaper has been a tedious power within the envious and regimental British Left since the death of its founder, C.P. Scott ninety years ago. It is pitched to the mind of humdrum, cranky, underachieving government employees, semi-educated welfare recipients, grumpy retirees awaiting the ends of disappointing lives and cynical journalists unable to find anything livelier to read.

The ruling in a New York State court last week that President Trump had misled lenders about the value of assets he had offered as collateral for loans decades ago and was therefore guilty of a noncriminal fraud so egregious that he was obliged to pay $355 million in fines, is another stupefying tactical disaster perpetrated by Trump’s desperate enemies and lays bare this illegal assault on the leader of the opposition more clearly than any of the previous episodes in this unprecedented sequence of pseudo-legal outrages.

The Guardian commissioned for its description one of America’s most partisan journalists, Sidney Blumenthal, former round-the-clock Clinton apologist who all of his journalistic career has proudly proclaimed that he has torn down the inconvenient barricade between reporting and comment and is a self professed propagandist. Blumenthal opened his piece in The Guardian on February 17: “Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling on Friday concludes the nearly century long history of the Trump organization in New York in disgrace and ruin”.

Almost every letter of every word of that assertion, and of the rest of the bilious piece, is false. The loans in question were re-paid on schedule and the lenders said in court that they would be happy to deal with Mr Trump again at any time and that he was an impeccable client. Indisputable professional evidence confirmed that the evaluations on the assets that he used as collateral were verified by the specialists engaged by the lenders as being defensible and entirely adequate to secure the loans.

There was no allegation of lawbreaking, no loss, no victim, and no complaint. There was only the attorney general of the state of New York, Letitia James, who ran for election promising to ”get Trump”. The judge made it clear from the beginning of the trial that he was determined to fulfill the attorney general’s promise.

Four separate findings in the course of the trial by the judge were repealed by higher courts and overturned. The fines assessed are utter nonsense and will never be paid. Every single reasonably impartial jurisconsult and commercial lawyer who has opined on this decision, including many who are declared political opponents of the respondent, unequivocally predict that this phantasmagorically draconian judgment will be shredded and excoriated on appeal.

The judge has set it up so that in order to launch his appeal, Trump has to put the fine in escrow within 30 days. Blumenthal does not know anything about commerce but even he would be aware that Trump has not had any debt since his near-death financial experience thirty years ago and that his assets are worth billions of dollars. He will have no difficulty whatever posting the bond and the chances of this farrago of oppressive bunk of a verdict and fine surviving the scrutiny of serious higher courts is approximately zero.

However, once again polls confirm that a steadily increasing percentage of Americans is appalled and disgusted at the Biden administration’s enforced mutation of important parts of the justice system into an arm of the dirty tricks division of the Democratic National Committee than are averse to the reelection of Donald Trump as president. He is now the 3-to-2 betting favorite, and when the partisan biases of most of the polls, which are commissioned by Leftist media outlets and universities, are combined and averaged, Trump still leads by several million in the popular vote.

When allowance is made for that bias and for the greater margin, about 4 million votes, enjoyed by the Democrats in California and New York over the Republican margins in Texas, Florida, and Ohio, which have slightly more electoral votes, Trump’s popular vote margin in the other 45 states is over 10 million. This is beyond what the Democrats can make up by mailing and collecting millions of unverified ballots, which was their secret in the last election and is the only wheeze they have left.

American disposable income per individual and per family have declined in the Biden years and approximately 10 million illegal migrants have flooded across the southern border in a reenactment of the westward progress of the Goths in the fifth century. Gasoline prices have doubled, crime rates have soared, avoidable wars are in progress and others are threatened.

The Democrats’ only answer to this is an assault upon American constitutional democracy that vastly exceeds any such activities since the attempted secession of the southern states 160 years ago.

Because Europe’s own commentators and the braying partisan jackals from the American political press that are relentlessly unleashed on the European public are terminally afflicted by an ailment whose only known symptom is that when the word “Trump” is authored, other than in the context of playing cards, a trap- door flies open in the foreheads of sufferers of this malady and cuckoo bird-leaps out screeching and babbling.

The fake indictments are not working; even the most pompous Euro anti-American would concede that if any of these charges or findings against Trump were in the least bit plausible, he would not be acceptable to a significant number of voters.

No one who knows anything about America could imagine that it will reelect an administration ostensibly headed by an incomprehensible, senescent, sticky fingered, superannuated servitor. America and the world are on a glidepath to better things, whatever the Americophobic Guardian and the rest of the moronic euro-Left think of it.

I will be traveling next week, and promise to write about something else the week after that.