Red Army Faction member Daniela Klette has appeared at the Federal Court of Justice. (Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images)


Red Army Faction member Klette appears in court


Daniela Klette, a member of Germany’s notorious Red Army Fraction (RAF) militant group who was arrested recently, as reported by Brussels Signal, made an initial appearance the country’s Federal Court of Justice, a spokesperson for the Attorney General said.

Her appearance before justices on March 7 came after Klette was detained in Berlin after three decades on the runand is facing charges of armed robbery and at least one attempted murder allegedly committed between 1999 and 2016.

A woman was seen being escorted out of a blue federal police helicopter in Karlsruhe, the city in South Germany where the country’s federal prosecutor sits and the court is located. A spokesperson later confirmed that Klette appeared in front of a judge but did not give further details.

Klette’s court appearace comes shortly after Brussels Signal reported she had been arrested last month.

Klette, 65, a member of the so-called third generation of the militant group, has long been sought alongside two other members of the group, Burkhard Garweg and Ernst-Volker Staub.

“Late yesterday evening, police succeeded in detaining Daniela Klette in a Berlin apartment,” Brussels Signal reported Friedo de Vries, head of the criminal investigation department in Lower Saxony, as saying, on February 27 at a news briefing.

“She offered no resistance.”

The RAF, which arose out of the student protests of the late 1960s, was suspected of killing 34 people between 1972 and 1991. The group formally disbanded in 1998 with many members slipping back into ordinary lives.

Police are still searching for two other members of the so-called third generation of the group, Ernst-Volker Staub and Burkhard Garweg. Both men are wanted for the same charges as Klette.

Additional reporting from Reuters