Event organisers have closed the entrances as a "security measure"


Brussels mayor ‘threatens to cut power to conservative event’


A Brussels mayor has threatened to cut power to a conservative conference taking place in the city.

Emir Kir, the mayor of the region of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, has reportedly put pressure on the various companies working with the National Conservatism conference in the hopes of cancelling the event.

This reportedly includes the host of the Claridge event venue, with the former Socialist, now turned independent, politician alleged to have threatened to cut electricity to the venue.

“What we have is a systematic attempt to sabotage everything to do with the conference,” one of the conference’s organisers, MCC Brussels Executive Director Frank Furedi, told Brussels Signal on Tuesday morning.

“They then threatened to cut electricity and all that.”

He added that the venue’s owner was under extreme pressure from Kir, with the individual reportedly having his car away by authorities.

“They threatened him with all kinds of consequences,” Furedi claimed.

While the venue organiser, as of writing, is said to be holding firm on allowing the conference to continue, other companies that had planned to work with National Conservatism have pulled out.

Two previous venues initially slated to host the event, Concert Noble and Sofitel, decided to ‘de-platform’ the event after receiving pressure from various Socialist party politicians.

While organisers managed to secure a third venue for the event itself, they say that they have lost catering thanks to pressure from Kir.

“The caterer for the lunch has pulled out,” Furedi said. “The caterer who was contracted to get the food together for the Gala Dinner tonight has also pulled out.”

“This is actually quite unprecedented.”

Kir told local newspaper La Capitale that he would take “all possible measures” to close the vent down.

“The town hall has absolutely not given its agreement for this  event to take place”, he said. “I was taken aback and only knew about this early last night. He said he was considering sending in the police if the owner of the property didn’t cooperate.