VOX leader Santiago Abascal, at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest, says Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez should step down. (EPA-EFE/SZILARD KOSZTICSAK )


‘Detached’ Spanish PM Sánchez should resign, Abascal says


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez should resign from office, VOX leader Santiago Abascal told Brussels Signal.

Speaking on recent threats by Sánchez to abandon the premiership over alleged harassment, Abascal accused the “totally detached” leader of putting the welfare of the country at risk.

“I think it is a gigantic irresponsibility to play with the Spanish people in this way,” he said on the sidelines of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest on April 25.

Abascal added that the move had put Spain and its economy into “a situation of uncertainty”, before accusing Sánchez of repeatedly lying to the public.

“The best thing that can happen to us is for him to go, without any doubt, to give back to the Spanish people the word that he stole from them with lies about his pacts, with lies about the amnesty,” Abascal said.

“The only thing he has demonstrated on this occasion is the total and absolute lack of scruples that characterises him.”

The VOX leader’s comments came shortly after an announcement by Sánchez that he was stepping away from official duties for the next few days to consider his future.

The Prime Minister cited so-called “far-right” harassment from numerous individuals and groups, including Abascal, as the reason for the move, adding that he will decide whether or not to resign early next week.

“At this point, the question I legitimately ask myself is: ‘Is all this worth it?’,” he wrote in a letter explaining his actions.

“Sincerely I don’t know.

“All of this leads me to say that I will continue working, but that I will cancel my public agenda for a few days to be able to reflect and decide which path to take,” Sánchez said.

“Next Monday, April 29, I will appear before the media and announce my decision.”