Leader of the nationalist political party Reconquête (Reconquest) Eric Zemmour can now just speak in Brussels, with Brussels Signal even. (Photo by Thierry Monasse/Getty Images)

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Zemmour: Brussels bid to shut conference was ‘putsch’ against ‘European Democracy’


An attempt by left-wing authorities in Brussels to shut down a conservative conference in the city was a “putsch” against “European democracy”, Eric Zemmour said.

Speaking to Brussels Signal, the Reconquete leader expressed delight at being able to attend the National Conservatism conference, which managed to successfully overturn an order for it to be shut down issued by local mayor Emir Kir.

In a court order issued late last night, the Belgian Council of State ruled that the order violated the country’s constitution.

“I’m pleased to see that the mayor’s attempted putsch, the attacks on freedom of this mayor, who still hasn’t understood everything about European-style democracy and the rule of law, has been abolished and severely punished. It’s a slap in the face for him,” Zemmour told Brussels Signal’s Peter Caddle.

The French politician went on to reference Kir’s alleged links to radical groups in Turkey tied to politicians in Ankara.

“He wanted to apply the methods of Erdogan, his mentor. He wanted to use the Belgian police as a private militia to silence his political opponents, and thank God Belgium is still a liberal democracy and a state governed by the rule of law. I’m glad this has been punished and I’m very happy.”

Asked about Reconquete’s position heading into the European elections, Zemmour insisted that he and his party were the “only ones” currently capable of “defending the French people and the European people against the Islamisation of the country and of the continent”.

“We are the only ones leading this fight. All the other parties are pretending to fight it, but we are the only ones actually doing the real fighting,” he said.

“Just like we are the only ones fighting wokery and the woke ideology which has joined forces with the Islamisation of our countries.”

He added that the party would “end up convincing the maximum amount of people of this reality and of the vital necessity of waging this fight.”