The FDP has expelled a now controversial member. (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)


Germany’s FDP drops local candidate after pornographic videos go viral


The German Free Democratic Party (FDP) has expelled a local candidate after videos of him performing sex acts surfaced online.

The Liberal politician is seen singing the first verse of the one-time anthem Deutschlandlied (“Deutschland, Deutschland über alles“), which has long been outlawed in Germany, while enacting his explicit antics.

He also desecrated a Quran in a fetishistic manner.

Numerous pornographic videos associated with him were removed from X due to violations of the platform’s Terms of Service.

The former candidate has now deleted all his social media accounts, although clips of these videos persist in circulation across the internet.

Due the extreme nature of the recordings, a criminal investigation had been initiated against him, German news outlet Focus reported.

German media reported that the man’s exhibitionist tendencies went back years.

In a statement on May 15, the local branch of the FDP, Aalen-Ellwangen, stressed that the content concerned was not known to party officials until it was published online.

“We firmly denounce the actions and statements shown in these videos, which are in direct violation of the fundamental values and principles of our party. Consequently, we have terminated all support for the candidate in question with immediate effect,” the statement said.

“To address this matter thoroughly, we have initiated a disciplinary process aimed at the expulsion of the individual from the party.

“We are committed to maintaining transparency throughout the investigation and will provide regular updates on the developments,” it added.

On the evening of May 16, the party stated: “We wish to inform you of the latest developments concerning the recently reported incident: The candidate involved is no longer a member of the FDP.”

A spokesman for the FDP association also said: “It is extremely frustrating that the voluntary work of our members and supporters in the local election campaign is so badly damaged by the incidents from the private life of a candidate that now become known.”