A man has been arrested after allegedly attempting to "kill" Irish MEP candidate Malachy Steenson. (Brussels Signal)

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Man arrested over alleged attempt on life of MEP candidate hours after Brussels Signal interview


A man has been arrested after allegedly attempting to “kill” Irish MEP candidate Malachy Steenson in Dublin.

The incident is reported to have taken place just hours after he was interviewed by Justin Stares, Head of News at Brussels Signal, about Ireland’s mass-migration issue in the run-up to the European Parliament elections in June.

According to a statement from the politician’s campaign team, a man arrived at Steenson’s office on the evening of May 15.

The man allegedly claimed he was in possession of a knife and that he had come to the office to kill the MEP hopeful, whom he is described as calling a “fascist”.

Steenson was said not to have been present at the office at the time – his staff claimed he was out campaigning just metres down the road – with the alleged would-be assailant instead being confronted by the politician’s son.

Police officers from Ireland’s An Garda Síochána subsequently arrived at the scene and were able to disarm and then arrest the man.

Speaking to Brussels Signal, Steenson said such incidents had become increasingly common among those against the “European Union’s agenda”, citing the recent shooting of Slovak President Robert Fico.

The veteran Irish Republican campaigner went on to downplay any danger this particular individual may have posed, saying it was not the first time someone had tried to take his life.

“The last people who tried to kill me were far more dangerous but just as unsuccessful,” he said.

In a statement to Brussels Signal, An Garda Síochána confirmed that an individual had been arrested in relation to an incident that took place in the East Wall area of Dublin city centre.

“[Officers] in Mountjoy attended an incident of public order that occurred on Wednesday May 15, 2024 on Leinster Avenue, North Strand, Dublin 3,” the police force said.

“One man, aged in his late 20s, was arrested in relation to the incident.

“He has since been charged and is due to appear before a sitting of the Criminal Courts of Justice at a later date.”

Brussels Signal’s interview with Steenson will be published on May 17.