European Commissioner Thierry Breton has launched a Spotify playlist to encourage people, especially youngsters, to vote in the European Elections.(Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

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EC’s Breton urges people to vote in European elections with Spotify playlist


European Commissioner Thierry Breton launched a Spotify playlist to encourage people, particularly youngsters, to vote in the the ongoing European Elections, which run until June 9.

The two-hour playlist, entitled EU Elections, is composed of 42 songs, the titles of which compose a special message when read all together.

“Ok now time to vote, Left Right Left, centre, Liberals and Conservatives, green and blues, the choice is yours,” the playlist reads.

“Beware of false promises. Queen of the populists and king of demagogues, you know what I am talking about do what you want but vote.”

Breton also warned against populism and highlighted the importance of the vote, with the secret messaging also calling for a peaceful and “greener” Europe with a strong industry.

“European Elections have started, what we all want [is] peace and tranquillity to earth, no more drama no more war in Ukraine.

“Anywhere fresh and clean green planet. Jobs for everyone, safe internet, decarbonised energy [and] stronger industry baby made in Europe.

“We can have it all if we are all united.”

The Commissioner’s strategy to use social media to rally youth is part of a broader campaign targeting youngsters. European Union officials hope that a high voter turnout among young people might counter “populist” movements.

In the style of Breton’s musical outing, the Brussels Signal team has put together an alternative playlist.