The co-leader of Germany's ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) has claimed that his group lost to "Nazis" in the European Elections. (EPA-EFE/CLEMENS BILAN)

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Germany’s SPD leader claims his party lost EP election to ‘Nazis’


The co-leader of Germany’s ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) has claimed his group lost to “Nazis” in the European Elections.

During a live television event, Lars Klingbeil claimed that Alternative for Germany (AfD) leader Alice Weidel — who was in the studio at the time — was a “Nazi” shortly after it was confirmed her populist group outperformed his.

“The result of the European elections is a wake-up call for many people to realise that the Nazis have become stronger in this election,” he told the programme.

Weidel then intervened, asking Klingbeil who exactly he was referring to with the term “Nazis”.

“You know that I mean the AfD and you,” the SPD leader responded.

“You just called me and the party Nazis?” Weidel asked.

“Yes,” Klinbeil responded.

His outburst came after a crushing third-place finish for the party, which is expected to have ended up two points behind the AfD.

The party performed even worse when compared to their main rival — the Christian Democrats — with the so-called Union parties of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union of Bavaria (CSU) polling twice as high as their centre-left counterparts.