I fly, you take the train: what the elite plans for Europe’s climate ‘sacrifice’

Why would anyone want to fly and miss the opportunity of genuine European train travel? (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)


The European Commission has accepted a European initiative called ‘Air-Quotas’ which aims to introduce carbon quotas for all citizens in order to reduce their consumption.

First, they admit that it is “air transport,” but then it will be “services and goods” that will be affected by this pollution quota.

This may come as a surprise to newcomers to politics, but it is not something new or something the Commission have just pulled out of the bag.

The development of the carbon account began in 2019 during the Citizens’ Climate Convention in France which proposed “a systemic response to the need to reduce our greenhouse gases by 80% before 2050.”

Under the guise of climate change, the political-corporate elite has made plans for the entire world, changes that could be called a “revolution.”

Part of them are born out of what World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab calls the “fourth industrial revolution” which, according to the organisation’s website, is the fusion of “biological beings, digital devices and technology.”

Beyond the anthropological revolution known as “transhumanism,” what the WEF has proposed is a top-down vertical transformation of our societies.

At the 2021 Davos Forum, the institution acknowledged: “One positive aspect of the pandemic is that it has taught us that we can make radical changes to our lifestyles very quickly. Citizens have amply demonstrated that they are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of health care and other essential workers and vulnerable populations, such as the elderly. It is clear that there is a will to build a better society and we must harness this will to secure the Great Reset we so urgently need”.

“From 2021 onwards, the way the middle classes travel must change dramatically,” it was stated that same year. As they warned, “air travel is going to be more than halved in the next few years. Airplanes pollute too much.”

For this reason, the Davos Forum announced at the end of the summit that the middle classes will once again travel by sleeper train.

It is not a new thought from them. A WEF report three years ago forecast an increase in sleeper trains: “National rail operators in four countries – Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland – have announced plans to revive the continent’s network of night trains. Routes from Vienna to Munich and on to Paris, and Zurich to Amsterdam via Cologne will be re-established in 2021. Further routes – linking Berlin, Brussels, Rome and even Barcelona – are planned within the next few years, reviving services that were declining in recent decade,” reads the article.

What this means is that air travel will become a privilege of the rich. The price of flights will be raised with the excuse of pollution, air travel will become a sometimes-unreachable luxury for the working class.

The European Union agreed to call 2021 “the year of the European railway.” Boosting rail travel could help the bloc achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. “Where would you take the night train to?” they ask in a WEF advertisement.

Three years ago it was difficult to discern how this might be imposed, but after the Commission’s move it is clear where this is heading.

If this proposal is finally accepted, each citizen will be allocated a number of points. Once these are used up, only people who can afford to buy more from other citizens who have not consumed them will be able to travel.

Let us not forget other parallel proposals that are already underway, such as the “15-minute city” in which the aim is to make all services available within a maximum radius of 15 minutes.

The proposal is positive, it would help to access certain services that are difficult to use in some cities, but the small print includes the control of citizens’ mobility with security cameras and biometric reading, as well as of vehicles.

If this system is fully implemented, citizens’ freedom of movement will be drastically affected in the name of fighting “climate change.”

Some, starting with the Greens – its main promoters – will embrace this way of life. Others, the most, will suffer the miserable consequences.