Only Europeans can save Europe’s ancient spirit from decay

Can we do it again? Marathon, where the Greeks saved reason and liberty for Europe (Photo by The Print Collector/Heritage Images via Getty Images)


Is the decline the EU has fallen into a terminal condition? In other words, is Europe dying – in the sense that it is turning into something fundamentally different than what it has been since the birth of the Western world? Or can we somehow still save the day?

Some believe that we have reached the point of no return. Europe’s cultural decadence and demographic decay cannot be undone, they say. Others, however, believe in a last stand which can overturn the tide. What is certain, is that our generation is the last line of defence.

Throughout history nations and empires have risen and fallen. It is a matter of historical causality. Nothing lasts forever under the sun. But during the centuries nations and empires have also come to the brink of collapse, only to bounce back stronger.

The EU can be regarded as a modern empire, one that actually succeeds all the former European empires of the last millennia. Indeed, 27 nations comprise a top international player, that has dominated the world stage as a soft superpower for the last half a century. Lately, it has found itself in times of trouble.

European might and influence are on the downslope. Demographic projections are dire, as Europeans are not reproducing anymore. Their once world leading economy is slowing down, to be overtaken by developing superpowers like China and India. The EU is no longer on the cutting edge of research and development, nor does it boast the cultural and academic giants it once did.

As for hard power, with the exception of a handful of European countries, the EU is unable to stand its ground militarily.

Worse than that, it appears that Europe is committing cultural suicide. Not only does it succumb to Islamism coming from an ever increasing number of illegal immigrants imposed on Europeans by their ruling elites, but it also rejects its own Christian identity, while demolishing the very set of values that have made Europe what it is.

Europe is turning into a place where there is no right and wrong, no good and bad, no male or female, no ethical rules and moral principles, no freedom of expression if something is regarded as politically incorrect, no nations, and of course no God. Can we stop this? Can we overcome?

How do nations and empires get back on their feet again after a spell of hardships? As a rule, it is charismatic and determined leaders who turn the tables. Kings and political leaders, generals and revolutionaries have time and again managed to reverse the trend of events.

The problem is that the EU currently has no such leaders. On the contrary, its leaders are to a great extent the reason why it is in such disarray and decline. But Europe can oust its dreadful leadership and install a new one. Because Europe is still made of a very fine material: Us Europeans.

According to British historian Tom Holland, the history of the West began in 490 BC on the plain of Marathon, when Athenian citizens faced the oncoming masses from the East. It was a battle between reason and blind obedience to a supreme authority, between individualism and anonymity.

It was the common man who made history back then. It is the common man who can make history once again now.

For two and a half thousand years, through ups and downs, bright and dark times, the European  spirit has managed to survive. It rests upon us all, to give it a new lease of life. We may have no weapons and armour, but we have a say at the ballot.

We need to speak up loud and clear now, for as long as postmodern autocrats allow us to, for as long as we are still the majority in our homelands. On Sunday we do not just cast a vote. We hold the line in one of the most crucial battles of our lifetime.

Men and women of Europe, time to do our duty.