Brussels Signal Launch Reception on October 24

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Brussels Signal is delighted to announce its launch reception will be held on October 24 from 6pm to 8pm.

The venue will be Sofitel Brussels Europe on Place Jourdan, in the heart of the EU capital.

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Our speakers include Konstantin Kisin, best selling author of An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West and co-host of the influential free speech podcast Triggernometry,

We are also delighted to be joined by Louise Perry. Louise is a journalist and author of The Case Against the Sexual Revolution. She is also the host of of Maiden Mother Matriarch, a podcast about sexual politics.

Both have a history of speaking up for freedom of expression, a value that Brussels Signal cherishes.

The evening promises to be a celebration of unfettered debate and the first public presentation of our plans to stir up the Brussels media landscape.

Challenging the status quo. Freedom to speak your mind. That’s what Brussels Signal is all about. Next year, 2024, will set the agenda of the European Union for many years to come. Will we see more of the same, or will the status quo be challenged from rising political forces?

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If open debate on issues from the flight from cash to migration, via the best ways of tackling climate change and the Ukraine War, is not possible, then the status quo cannot be challenged. Even if the current approach is the correct one, ideas must be up for debate. Arguments ossify if they are not challenged.

Increasingly, subjects of debate are being circumscribed. Brussels Signal aims to challenge this mindset. Our launch will set out the case for why this task is vital – and how Brussels Signal plans to be the refresh in a crowded field of media outlets offering news and commentary on European politics and policy.

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Join us and help shake up how Brussels does news.