A state-funded television show in Germany has featured a segment during which a presenter discusses how climate activism makes her "orgasm". (EPA-EFE/RONALD WITTEK)


Climate activism ‘makes me orgasm’, presenter says on German state TV


A state-funded television show in Germany has featured a segment during which a presenter stated climate activism makes her “orgasm”.

Negah Amiri, described as a “comedian” on Wikipedia, made the comment on her show Never Ever, which airs on ARD, one of Germany’s publicly funded broadcasters.

Centred around the radical climate-protests currently taking place across Germany, Amiri praised “green” activists and their methods in glowing terms throughout the show, which also featured her singing a rap song about how “good” environmentalism is.

Contained in the song are numerous crude lyrics referring to how eco-friendly men can expect to be given plenty of sexual opportunities in return for their green activism.

“Climate activism makes me orgasm,” the presenter said in one line, before moaning repeatedly.

The unnamed activist who is the subject of the song is also told to “mount” the presenter like a “cargo bike”, with Amiri adding that the only place in the world it is supposed to be very hot is in bed.

Apart from the rap song, the German presenter spent much of the show interviewing climate-activists regarding their work and their brushes with the law.

“Thank you for existing,” she told one of the interviewed activists during the programme, before hugging and kissing them.

Another publicly funded broadcaster ZDF was forced to distance itself from a comment made by one of its presenters after he compared the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) to the Nazi party.

Jan Böhmermann, one of the company’s most famous personalities, labelled the party as being “Nazis with substance” online amid concerns about Germany’s growing Right wing, with the comment upsetting many in CDU.

ZDF distances itself from Böhmermann’s statement,” a spokesman for the broadcaster said. “The tweet is a private statement by Jan Böhmermann, which is not related to a ZDF production.”