A protester waves a antifa flag during a demonstration. EPA-EFE/FLORIAN WIESER


Antifa calls on activists to make life ‘a living hell’ for AfD members


A German branch of the radical-left movement Antifa has published a list of home addresses of local politicians belonging to the hard-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party on Indymedia, a left-leaning website, and declared it wants to make their lives “a living hell”.

Antifa is a political movement comprising multiple, autonomous militant groups and individuals who describe themselves as “anti-fascist”.

Ahead of upcoming regional elections in the state of Hessen on October 8, Antifa Frankfurt has publicised the personal details of AfD members, arguing their action is legitimate as they consider the party to be “far-right” and “fascistic”.

The Antifa document published on August 6 states: “Let us confront the AfD first and foremost in a militant way, make their lives a living hell.”

The group proposes different forms of aggression, from making “anti-fascist house calls” to the “destruction of election campaign stands”, while members and supporters of Antifa are urged to “terrorise AfD candidates”.

Alongside giving the opposition members’ home addresses, Antifa also claims “it doesn’t suffice to hold up signs on the sides of right-wing events”. It says “AfD and their sympathisers” are against Antifa because they are “embedded in a racist, anti-Semitic, sexist and chauvinistic worldview.”

“The time has come to firmly combat the [AfD] party and its acting individuals. Alongside you, we want to challenge them in the spaces where they move as a matter of course, feel undisturbed, and believe they are safe.”

So far, neither representatives of other parties nor the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has reacted to the announcement of Antifa’s call. Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser, who is the Social Democratic Party’s top candidate in Hessen, has not yet commented.

“What Antifa Frankfurt is doing here is nothing more than a veiled call for intimidation and violence against AfD politicians. Such actions are extremely dangerous in the literal sense of the word”, State chair of AfD Andreas Lichtert said on German media.

“I know what I’m talking about because there has already been an attack on my house. Anyone who has a family and is active in the AfD is deeply concerned when such an interactive map is published along with a call to fight,” said Lichert.

“It feels as if you’re being declared ‘fair game’.”

There have already been eight recorded incidents of intimidation against AfD politicians in Hessen, including six against members of the state parliament.