Tobacco shops that fell victim to last month's riots will be given a cash injection by the government, ministers have announced. (EPA-EFE/JULIEN MATTIA)


French Government to give tobacco shops €10k cash injection after rioting


Tobacconist shops in France that fell victim to last month’s countrywide riots will be given a cash injection by the French Government, ministers have announced.

The aid is an attempt by the government to help the industry, which saw more 500 premises damaged throughout the violent episode, with 64 described as having been “burnt to the ground”.

According to a report by Le Figaro, all tobacconists that suffered “damage, destruction [or] theft,” during the riots – and were forced to close for three consecutive days or more as a result – will be eligible for a €10,000 lump-sum injection.

French Minister Delegate for Public Accounts Thomas Cazenave emphasised that the government needed to show support for tobacconists during what is a trying time for them.

“It’s very important not to let them down,” he said, describing the sector as being “part of the life of our cities”.

“In the heart of the territories, the tobacconists carry out public-service missions and provide essential services to the French.

“It is important to be by their side and to allow them to restart in the best possible conditions,” Cazenave added.

Although the cost of the project will probably only cover around a tenth of the estimated financial damage suffered by tobacconists, those within the industry said they were “satisfied” with the scheme.

Philippe Coy, the President of the National Confederation of Tobacconists, described the financial support as “important”, arguing that it would help shops operating within this “essential business” to “reopen as soon as possible”.