Germany has announced a new package of weapons for Ukraine consisting of tanks, ammunition and other forms of equipment. (Photo by Christian Ender/Getty Images)


Germany announces new package of tanks, rockets and ammo for Ukraine


Germany has announced a new package of weapons for Ukraine consisting of tanks, ammunition and other military equipment.

Boris Pistorius, the German defence minister, announced the €400 million in military aid in an interview with Bild, during which he emphasised his country’s place as a major weapons supplier for the Kyiv Government.

According to the Social Democratic (SPD) politician, the country is now looking to supply Ukraine with more tanks, explosives, mortars and rocket-launched mines.

“Ammunition is what Ukraine needs most in its defence against the brutal war of aggression,” Pistorius said.

The latest package is also set to include cold-weather clothing, heating systems and electric generators, all of which are aimed at helping Ukraine forces combat the coming winter.

What will not be included are F-16 fighter jets or any of Germany’s Taurus cruise missiles, despite the Ukraine administration’s repeated requests for both.

Pistorius insisted that Germany was still considering the benefits and costs of delivering the cruise missiles, which have a long enough range to enable them be used to strike undisputed Russian territory.

“It is the duty of the entire Federal Government to weigh every arms delivery very carefully,” he said. ” It has not yet decided whether [it] will send Taurus cruise missiles.”

Speaking to Brussels Signal, Alternative for Germany (AfD) MEP Gunnar Beck speculated that the government may be hesitant to deliver the weapons due to increasing pressure at home.

“The government’s popularity is deteriorating due to high inflation and ongoing economic recession,” the Identity and Democracy Group politician said.

“The government needs to start showing it can solve the problems of the Germans before vowing to solve the problems of the Ukrainians.”

Beck went on to reference a recent visit by German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock to Ukraine, during which she emphasised that Kyiv must work to fight against internal corruption.

He viewed this statement as an attempt at tough-talking by the current government.

“It is a clear attempt of the German Government to signal that support for Ukraine is conditional, and therefore an attempt to stop the further rise of the AfD in the polls,” he said.