Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel during 'So what is my country?' conversation with Alexander Osang at the Berliner Ensemble in Berlin, Germany, 07 June 2022. EPA-EFE/FILIP SINGER


Statue of Merkel on horseback collapses after two years


A statue of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel on horseback has collapsed under its own weight.

The 2.70 metre high, 1.5-ton equestrian statute broke up after being in place for just two years.

“Unfortunately, the 3D-printed concrete at the time was not very durable and unsuitable for the open air,” the sculptor Wilhelm Koch told the German DPA news agency.

The monument had already sustained significant damage earlier in the spring when the horse’s head was severed, along with one of politician’s hands. The statue was later reassembled.

Recently, some small cracks had appeared in the concrete and, on September 14, it completely collapsed.

“Apparently, the sculpture could no longer hold the internal pressure and strain, despite all rescue attempts,” Koch said.

The statue was unveiled in October 2021 at the Temple Museum in Etsdorf, Bavaria. Merkel was still the head of government at the time. The sculpture represented her in her distinctive style of attire, with hands folded.

The loss of the statute comes at a time when Germany is struggling with the aftermath of her policies. For example, a declining economy, the challenges posed by mass migration and an energy crisis stemming from the closure of nuclear power plants and a strong reliance on cheap Russian oil and gas.