Groundbreaking interviews: Maximillian Krah speaking about his safety and attacks on his party


Head of AfD EU elections list ‘expects police protection’ as party leaders fear attack


Maximillian Krah, the German politician who will top the country’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) list in the 2024 European Parliament elections, is expecting to receive police protection as the vote draws nearer.

Krah told Brussels Signal about what he said was the dire situation prominent members of his party are in.

He said party leaders had already received warnings from the police to avoid meetings, as attacks from extreme-Left agitators are perceived as a real threat.

While Krah insisted he was not personally afraid he said his friends were and the police are seriously concerned.

“I will probably get special protection … when the election season is there.”

“When everyone in Germany sees my picture smiling from the next tree, then it could be a good idea to give me a bodyguard.”

Krah told Brussels Signal the German police will make a security assessment and that, given the current hostile climate, he expected to receive special protection.

Despite that, the AfD politician was keen to point out that 99 per cent of his interactions with the public are pleasant and not threatening.

Krah would not be the first AfD member to receive police protection. Tino Chrupalla, one of the party’s two leaders, was the victim of an attack apparently with a needle and was in intensive care for two days.

“The interesting fact is not just that he got attacked,” said Krah. “You can say when you’re a politician, you have to be aware that something can happen.

“But, interestingly enough, the mainstream media denied it. They said it might be fake, or maybe it was a bee,” he said.

On October 10, doctors confirmed there was a needle involved.

“Now even some Left-wing media say there might have been a spike, but we haven’t found the poison,” Krah said.

He also said he spoke with Chrupalla on October 12 for a short time. Chrupalla was discharged from hospital after five days and he reportedly said he felt 80 per cent recovered.

Apparently there were obvious traces of a needle wound and now experts are investigating what kind of poison was used in the attack.

Prior to that assault, Alice Weidel, the co-chairwoman of the party, was forced into hiding after threats were made against her family in September.

The police escorted her and her family from their home and they were taken to a safe place by security authorities. She then left for Mallorca for some days before returning to Germany.

In August, Andreas Jurca, a candidate for the AfD party in Bavaria, was brutally assaulted at a campaign event. He suffered severe facial bruises and a broken ankle among other injuries.

The violence against the AfD politicians comes after Left-wing mainstream parties called them “enemies of democracy” and warned citizens not to vote for them.

The far-Left organisation Antifa published a list of home addresses of local politicians belonging to AfD in Hessen and declared it wanted to make their lives “a living hell”.