First Mayor of Hamburg Peter Tschentscher (C) seen walking. EPA-EFE/ADRIANA THOMASA


Hamburg’s Mayor left flat by electric car’s range


The Socialist Mayor of the German city of Hamburg Peter Tschentscher is dumping his electric Mercedes EQE 500 as, it seems, with the current cold weather its range is too low to be “functional”.

Despite the car costing €120,000, a round trip between Hamburg and Berlin of 580km is not possible, German news outlet Bild reported.

Tschentscher is, it said, switching back to a hybrid vehicle with two engines: a larger petrol or diesel engine for longer distances and a small electric motor for short outings in the city.

Bild said it has confirmation from the Senate Chancellery that a new leasing car – likely a different Mercedes model – is being tailored for the Mayor and would be delivered soon.

A vehicle using hybrid technology can travel further than one that is entirely electric. The reason behind the Mayor’s current car’s apparent charging problems in Berlin and while being driven is unknown.

The electric vehicle’s restricted range forced Tschentscher to use the train more frequently, according to Bild.

On two occasions, trains were cancelled and the politician was subsequently picked up halfway to Hamburg by his security agency.

It is not known in what type of vehicle.