French President Emmanuel Macron has begged voters not to act to "block" EU  expansion. ( EPA-EFE/Christophe Ena / POOL MAXPPP OUT)


Macron begs voters not to ‘block’ EU expansion


French President Emmanuel Macron has begged voters not to “block” European Union expansion.

Speaking on New Year’s Eve, he warned of the “decisive” nature of the upcoming European elections in June, arguing that voters must now fight to maintain Brussels’ expansionist platform.

“2024 will also be a year of decisive choices,” he said, insisting people must vote to strengthen the EU – not least in memory of recently deceased arch-Eurocrat Jacques Delors.

“We will have to choose a stronger, more sovereign Europe, in light of the legacy of Jacques Delors,” Macron argued.

“Next June you will have to decide on the continuation of this rearmament of our European sovereignty in the face of dangers.

“Stopping Russia and supporting the Ukrainians or giving in to the authoritarian powers in Ukraine; continue Europe or block it; continue the ecological and productive transition or go back; affirm the strength of liberal democracies or give in to the lies that sow chaos,” he said.

“So it’s up to us, yes, to act together, to continue to overcome divisions, corporatism, because within our people there are the deep resources to meet these challenges.”

Continuing his speech, Macron pushed 2024 as the year of “French pride”, noting the forthcoming Summer Olympic Games and the reopening of Notre Dame cathedral as set to put the country in the international limelight.

His words did not convince many of his opponents, with both the Left and Right lambasting his New Year’s address.

Eric Ciotti, the head of the Republicans, denounced Macron’s statements of optimism about France as being “deliberately misleading”.

“After having fallen behind on almost everything since 2017, he dares to say that we will be ten years ahead in 2027!” the politician wrote.

His sentiment was shared by Rassemblement National spokesman Laurent Jacobelli, who castigated Macron for being “disconnected” from the public.

“Riots, terrorism, migratory overwhelm, inflation, retirement … the French suffer, the President admires himself,” he said.

“We will have to bring him back to reality.”

Left-wing firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon accused Macron of putting “curses” on France with his various legal reforms over 2023, claiming the New Year’s speech indicated 2024 will see more of the same.

“He says: ‘more and faster’! Our wishes: not that!” Mélenchon told voters.

“Another France is possible.”