Commuters wait for a metro train at Gare Centrale Metro Station in Brussels, Belgium, not knowing if someone will throw excrement on them or not. (Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)


Up to his neck in it: Revolting Brussels Metro YouTube ‘prankster’ arrested


A Brussels-based YouTuber was arrested after throwing buckets of excrement, oil and other filth over unsuspecting victims on the city’s Metro system.

Calling himself “YaNike”, his tasteless “pranks” were apparently done in the hope of garnering social-media clicks and views although YouTube removed the videos from its platform as soon as it was aware of them.

Depsite having been arrested on January 3, a new video hit TikTok of YaNike throwing the disgusting brew over a young man sitting in a metro-train carriage and then running away on January 8. An accomplice filmed the revolting events.

The Brussels public transport organisation (STIB) had filed charges against the perpetrator, who is said to have carried out more than a half of a dozen such “jokes”.

On January 9, a spokesperson from the Belgian public prosecutor confirmed YaNike, referred to as “YD”, had been arrested.

“YD was reported as a wanted person by the investigating judge in charge of the investigation and could be intercepted on January 2, 2024 by police officers from the Marlow police zone,” the spokesman stated.

“The investigating judge also decided to place the accused under arrest on January 3, 2024. Meanwhile, YD appeared before the chambers on January 8, which confirmed the arrest warrant,” said the public prosecutor spokesman.

“The suspect confessed to the offences.”

YaNike had published a similar video in December at the same Beaulieu Metro station as his latest. He named it Chef’s Surprise. The unfortunate recipients at the time were a father and his young daughter.

YaNike has been charged with intentional assault and battery, damage to property and damage to property by force.

An Van Hamme, a spokeswoman for STIB, told news portal Sudinfo: “Obviously, we cannot accept that such acts are committed against our customers and that videos are made and disseminated.

“It is intolerable to harm our customers, who find themselves humiliated.

“In addition, this person is soiling our facilities, which is also unacceptable. We filed a complaint with the investigating judge and asked YouTube to remove the video and take action on their side as well.”

In November last year, a spokesman for the police said the suspect was known and would be questioned.

Evidently, that did not stop him from carrying out his disgusting stunts until very recently.

Despite his foul efforts, YaNike had only managed to gain a minimal following on social media by the time of his arrest.