Interest in the EU election is higher this time than five years ago, a new survey has revealed. (Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

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Interest in European Parliament election surges, survey finds


Public interest in the upcoming European Parliament elections in June is higher now than it was for the previous vote five years ago, a new survey revealed.

It is forecast that between June 6 and 9, “71 per cent of Europeans” are set to take part in the EP ballot.

Some 60 per cent of respondents expressed a “great deal” of interest in the elections, compared to 49 per cent before the 2019 elections.

Several factors are said to be behind this apparent surge of intended engagement with the contest this time round, with the current geopolitical climate among issues weighing on people’s minds.

81 per cent of citizens believe voting has grown in importance, the survey revealed.

As a result, for Europeans, the next term for the Parliament should focus on “peace and democracy”, the survey found.

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola said: “Europeans are aware that the stakes are high at the ballot box, and that voting is even more important in the current geopolitical context.”

The poll found 37 per cent of citizens think the European Union should focus on reinforcing its position in the world, especially in terms of defence and security.

Perceptions of the EU have shifted in recent years with most Europeans now believing that its role in the world has become more significant, the survey revealed.

As stated in an EP press release, 81 per cent of EU citizens hold a positive or neutral view of the Parliament, while 18 per cent have a negative opinion.

The 2024 EP elections are eagerly anticipated as they could mark a pivotal moment for the EU, with the current power balance expected to shift towards more populist forces.