Marine Le Pen leader of the National rally, and Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Trajani criticized Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to authorize Ukraine to strike military bases within mainland Russia.(Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)


Le Pen, Meloni government blast Macron over Russia strikes proposal


National Rally leader Marine Le Pen and Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani have criticized Emmanuel Macron’s proposal for Ukrainian strikes on mainland Russia.

The two European leaders have rejected permitting Kyiv to strike military installations in undisputed Russian territory, fearing it could escalate into a global conflict.

“I am against the fact of authorizing Ukraine, with the weapons provided to it, to strike the Russian territory, these are the mechanics of entering a world war,” said Marine Le Pen, expressing concern that Macron was now putting France in danger.

“Between the announcement of sending troops and this announcement would be an additional step of investments in this conflict.  I conclude that Emmanuel Macron wants France to go to war.”

“It creates an absolute threat to the security of our citizens and the integrity of our territory,” she added.

Similarly, Tajani firmly rejected sending troops or allowing Italian military equipment to be used against Russian military bases in mainland Russia.

“We won’t send any Italian soldiers to Ukraine, and we don’t want our military instruments to be used in Russia,” he said.

Both politicians support providing only “defensive weapons” to Ukraine, with such a strategy aiming to pave the way for favourable peace negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“I am opposed to everything that can create the risk of a world conflict,” said Marine Le Pen

According to Tajani, keeping Ukrainian military tactics on defence is the “only way to force him [Putin] to sit down at Zelensky’s table and sign the peace.”

“I don’t see any other alternatives at the moment,” he said.

“All the weapons leaving from Italy (to Ukraine) should be used within Ukraine.”

Under Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Italy has been a staunch supporter of Ukraine, but Rome has never disclosed any details about its military aid.

Since 2024  France has been more and more vocal and active about their military support to Ukraine. French President Emmanuel Macron affirmed multiple times the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine.