However we look at the map, Europe is shrinking (Photo by Los Angeles Examiner/USC Libraries/Corbis via Getty Images)

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Europe, overregulated, over-taxed, falling behind


Let us look first at the Europe which has just had these elections. Then we will look at the political results.

Europe today is a continent crumbling under the weight of massive overregulation and over-taxation. It consistently lags the United States in employment, entrepreneurship, innovation and growth.

For years, politicians in the European Union have shut down nuclear power plants (which produce clean, low-cost, and safe energy), closed coal plants, and banned natural gas exploration, hurting the business and industry in the name of so-called Green energy.

In geopolitical terms, the EU is incoherent, with rash and ineffective foreign policies, without any clear goals, and lacking a clear vision for this century. 

Yet, these are mere aspects of one overarching theme. Europe is being destroyed from within, in the name of a greater good that impoverishes the ordinary citizens and enriches the expanding bureaucracy in Brussels and the EU capitals. 

All of which drove the voters to turn to the Right. Resistance to the Green New Deal, war, an ever-rising cost of living and illegal immigration all drove the weekend’s elections for the European Parliament. It is an indisputable fact that the voters across the continent have made their will quite clear, not only in these elections but in national ones as well, during the past few years.

The voters have sent to Brussels a strong signal. They want the European People’s Party (EPP), the dominant centre-Right group in the parliament, to work with other conservative groups and find a way to save Europe.

They have even forgiven the EPP’s dalliances with the far-Left, the Green lunacy and the attack on the farmers, choosing to believe the U-turn that the EPP made on the Green issues as the elections neared.

In all European countries, socialists, liberals and the greens have been voted down, whereas the centre-Right, conservative and right-wing parties have seen their numbers grow. 

Farmers, the middle classes, small and medium entrepreneurs have shown their unequivocal rejection of the madness that is called the Green New Deal and all the policies associated with it – hence the decline in Left-of-centre parties.

Europe has waged war on traditional energy sources, without having the renewable alternatives to meet the demand levels. This is coupled with fiscal repression that has made the EU dependent on Russia and non-ally countries for energy, and that affects national security.

Furthermore, voters have shown they want safe borders, law and order and an effort to protect our heritage, traditions and customs, clearly rejecting wokeism and other forms of cultural Marxism. 

For more than a decade the union has been at a crossroads: either it will be destroyed by the arbitrary decisions of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats or be reformed to be more in line with what the founding fathers had envisioned. There can be no other way, mostly because all the member states have allowed the union to fall into decay while pretending things were all right.

European citizens are screaming this every chance they get, through their votes, protests or civil unrests. The reaction and the solution cannot come from the Left, since it is the cause of such misery inflicted on the old continent. Voters have chosen Right-of-centre parties once again to rise to the height of the historic moment and show a way back to prosperity and sanity.

Across Europe, Socialist, Green and Liberal parties, disconnected from reality, due to the false sense of security that being the ever-lasting establishment gives you, have seen massive declines. 

Undoubtedly, the continent has shifted Rightwards, with citizens believing conservative common-sense solutions are needed to save their homes, communities and countries. 

There is just one path to enact lasting positive change for the EU citizens. It is up to the EPP, as the largest group on the centre-right, to rise above the obvious differences and offer a historic accord to the Conservatives and Reformists and to Identity and Democracy, and even to reasonable classical liberal groups. 

As expected, it was the first instinct of bureaucrats in the leadership of the EPP to turn to their socialist and liberal establishment allies and disregard their own voters.

It would be foolish, a historic mistake even, to continue with business as usual and ignore what voters want. The vote on at the weekend went in the opposite direction of the current ruling coalition in Brussels.

If the EPP keeps ignoring the issues that conservative voters care about, the right wing wave in the next elections will become a tsunami, which will take not only socialists and far left radicals, but the EPP itself.

The EPP should understand that they are the creators of what they call the extreme right. As the EPP moved left, there was a vacuum on the right that had to be filled.

A considerable number of voters on the right were left politically orphaned. The more the centrist EPP collaborated with the Left and the far Left, the more frustrated voters had to look elsewhere. This led to the creation of conservative and Right-wing parties which simply were more vocal, but in essence espoused the same values and principles as the former conservative EPP, before it moved Left.

Meanwhile the Left moved even further left, becoming more radical and aggressive. The voters overwhelmingly want a change in this. They want an EPP at the helm of a conservative alliance that enacts change. The more the EPP distances itself from its voters, the more vocal the simple conservative voter will become, since there is no other way for it to be heard.

The differences between the conservative groups are many, but I believe what unites the right is bigger than what divides it. President Reagan managed to form a coalition spanning from libertarians to traditional conservatives, fiscal hawks and anti-communists and managed to provide a model that proved successful. 

European right of centre groups should unite on the basis of several common principles, including respecting the rule of law and stopping any type of lawfare, ensuring individual freedoms against any type of violations from the governments, working towards limited influence from Brussels, free and fair markets, low taxes and deregulation to release the immense potential in European entrepreneurship, controlling and securing the borders, strengthening the principle of subsidiarity and respecting the founding Treaties. 

Decline is a choice. It is not inevitable. I believe a healthy majority in the EPP, ECR, ID and even Renew would agree with these principles, which echo what libertarians hold dear and what conservatives and identitarians believe in. 

So, I say to the EPP: Stand up to the Socialists, to those who would govern with communists, separatists, Marxists and even terrorists in many national governments, while shaming you into submission.

The Right should be proud of its values and history. A great union of the Right is what the Left fears and what the people are seeking. Reject the first with abhorrence and embrace the latter’s call for a historic decision that will mark the beginning of change for our continent. 

Otherwise, Europe will end up a sad story of the 21st century, powerless to prevent its own fall, unable to influence world affairs for the first time in the past two thousand years. The ball is in the EPP’s court. Let us encourage them to act responsibly and historically.