Konstantin Kisin confirmed speaker for Brussels Signal launch event


Konstantin Kisin has confirmed as a speaker for the Brussels Signal’s launch event.

Kisin is a British satirist, political commentator, and host of the famous podcast Triggernometry.

He will be speaking on October 24, where our launch event will run from 6pm to 8pm, in Sofitel Place Jourdan, Brussels.

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With a global fanbase, Kisin’s magnetic charisma and commitment to open discourse have ignited a fervour for free speech and viewpoint diversity.

In early 2023, Kisin’s fiery speech at the Oxford Union rocketed him to viral stardom, passionately arguing that “Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far.” With charisma and razor-sharp insight, he took a stand against radical climate change activists and championed pragmatic solutions. The speech has resonated globally, amassing over 100 million views, solidifying Kisin’s role as a fearless voice in today’s political discourse.

But Kisin doesn’t merely stand with one side; he’s a robust critic of those on the right who’ve expressed sympathy towards Russian leadership. His unwavering dedication to Western values of liberalism, freedom of expression, and viewpoint diversity shines through in his 2022 masterpiece, “An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West.” Drawing from his own upbringing in the Soviet Union and his family’s migration to the UK, Kisin paints a vivid picture of his love for Western ideals.

Join us at our Brussels Signal launch event, an exciting and promising night, where dialogue knows no bounds, and freedom of speech reigns supreme.

As Brussels Signal seeks to throw open the debate and discussion both in Brussels and across the EU, Kisin will no doubt have much to add to the project of re-igniting debate in Europe.

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