Marco Pogo, singer of Austrian punk rock band Turbobier and leader of the BIER - Bierpartei Oesterreich (Beer Party Austria), ' EPA-EFE/CHRISTIAN BRUNA


Vienna Beer Party, on promise of more ale for all, polls at historic highs


The Beer Party in Vienna, or Bierpartei, is polling at 12 per cent, its highest and a score that would make it the third party in the Austrian city.

It began as a satirical party, first appearing on the ballots in 2019. Members describe themselves as a “beerocratic movement”.

In a “beerocracy”, power comes from beer, they say. Rights, such as freedom of opinion, are necessary regarding the free choice of beer variety and “people with less drinking talent” should be given special support.

The Beer Party thinks diversity and individuality in the brewing culture enriches life and, as such, supports the tolerance of foreign beers. This tolerance does not extend to Radlers (Shandy). The party strongly opposes thr half-beer half-lemonade cocktail.

In the 2020 elections, the Beer Party had a 10-point programme with demands such as a beer fountain for Vienna, allowing outdoor dining in winter and abolishing mandatory closing times for restaurants and bars. It also wanted to abolish tax on drinks in bars/restaurants and replace that with a new 50 per cent levy on Radlers and “other atrocities”.

Recently, the party seems to have evolved into something more serious. It now advocates for improved traffic infrastructure, easier-to-understand language in official publications and changes regarding existing health care and child care. It also backs “trans” rights and protecting the environment.

The party is headed by Dominik Wlazeny, known as “Marco Pogo”. He is a doctor turned musician, artist and politician and was a candidate for President of Austria in the 2022 national elections.

Wlazeny garnered 337,010 votes in the referendum, or 8.31 per cent, finishing third. In Vienna, he was the second-most popular candidate, trailing only the re-elected incumbent Alexander Van der Bellen.

The next elections in Vienna are set for 2025.