Belgium's Prime Minister Alexander De Croo attends a joint press conference with the president of Ukraine and other high-ranking foreign guests following their meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine, 24 February 2024. EPA-EFE/SERGEY DOLZHENKO


‘Belgium has expelled dozens of Russian diplomats,’ PM De Croo says


Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said on TV that “Belgium has deported dozens of so-called Russian diplomats from the country in recent months”, claiming they “carry out other activities”.

Appearing on RTL on March 4, De Croo was asked if his country should “fear Russian attempts to destabilise democracy”.

He answered: “In recent months, Belgium has expelled dozens of so-called Russian diplomats.

“We know very well that they carry out other activities in Belgium.

“Belgium did this without talking to much about it, but I can tell you we did this in recent months several times,” De Croo added.

“In addition, we know that our websites are often attacked with cyber attacks within hours as soon as we take a stand against Russia.”

“These are espionage activities, destabilisation activities,” De Croo said.

One example of such destablisation activities cited by the Belgian Prime Minister centred around an unnamed “rogue soldier” who disappeared with weapons and made threats towards a well-known virologist.

“Our security services at delicate moments suspect organised disinformation campaigns,” De Croo said.

The PM was also asked about how the country pays for its support for Ukraine, given the fact that the Belgian budget is a rather parlous state.

“Putin pays for it,” he said.

Belgium taxes frozen Russian assets in the country and uses the proceeds to provide help to Ukraine, he explained.